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Al Sharpton is a snitch.

Al Sharpton is saying that he is denying claims made by The Smoking Gun website that he was employed as an FBI mob informant in the 1980’s. Sharpton, is challenging the website, he is saying that he did not become flipped by federal charges during an undercover operation

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Dave Lamb dies at age 35.

Dave Lamb, who was a guitarist and songwriter and has perfomred in the folk duo Brown Bird with his wife MorganEve Swain, passed away on Saturday in Providence, R.I. at the age of 35.  He fought a battle with a year long fight with leukemia.

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New devices can charge phones in 30 seconds

If you have a smartphone, its not a good feeling to exit your home and realize its about to die. Store Dot an Isreali tech startup will hope to charge your phone in just 30 seconds.

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lindsey stirling – shadows

This is a dub-step dancing star of Lindsey Stirling. She uses her violin and dance steps with her shadow in the background, it’s awesome.